Letter from Father Eric

My Dear Friends of St. Lawrence,
Throughout these past few days, many of you have been responding to my previous emails.  Please know how very grateful I am for your responses – I have found all of your replies extremely appreciative of the Archdiocese of Newark’s efforts to keep our faith community safe from Covid-19.  I really do thank you for your understanding and for your ongoing cooperation during these trying times!
Once again, per the directives handed down to us by President Trump and Governor Murphy, we cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to observe social distancing and stellar hygiene.
During this time of trial and sacrifice, I would really, really love to hear any and all theological and/or philosophical views on YOUR part – we are living in historic times and it is an opportunity for me, as Pastor, to learn from you.  Therefore, I invite and encourage you to share your insights with me with regard to our Precious Catholic Faith about what this pandemic means (to you, specifically).  Please do not hesitate to relay your respective points of view and how it all ties in to your journey of faith.  I am very much interested in learning from you, and thereby deepening my own faith and understanding for the unfortunate circumstances under which we presently live.
Happily, I have come to acknowledge the FACT that you, my dear parishioners, are highly intelligent (more so than I will ever be) and intuitive about Jesus and His role in the economy of salvation.  So please, share with me and EDUCATE me so that I can develop a richer theology of redemption and salvation.  Simply put, I am asking you to do THEOLOGY.  And what IS theology?  In seminary, I was told that the best definition of this term is:  “faith seeking understanding”, or “FSU” – like Florida State University – that’s how I’ve always remembered!
Week in and week out, you hear my thoughts on the interpretation of the Holy Gospels, but now I am asking YOU to use this as a platform to preach to me – not AT me, but TO me!
Although I have studied sacred theology at the graduate level, this does not in any way, shape or form qualify me as being a so-called expert on the subject.  To presume as much on my end, would be exceedingly arrogant and downright dumb.  Believe me, I am no expert (as you know from my homilies).  For this reason, I kindly ask you to “theologize” and share.
I look forward to hearing from you!
In the meantime, be assured of my continued prayers for you and for an end to Covid-19!
Peace and blessings,
~Fr. Eric
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  • Lauren A. Kallina, MD Posted February 14, 2021 2:27 pm

    Hello Father Eric, I am moving into the neighborhood (Hamilton Cove)! Was checking into the local Catholic churches, and there you are within a block. I see this post was at the outset of the pandemic. I am wondering if there has been any active dialogue over this year as events have developed. Though my work schedule is insane ( I am a local Ophthalmologist), I have been able to maintain my catechism throughout my adult years. Wondering if you have an active academic/philosophical study group. I think that in our modern world, having access to millennia of writings by great theologians and philosophers (Catholic and non-Catholic, religious, gnostic, atheist, etc) debating and synthesizing universal truths would be a wonderful, robust means of creating community within these uncertain times.

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