How Much Should I Give?

Supporting your parish

We ask each person working in the household to gift one hour’s wage to the parish every week.

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How much should I give?

Below you can find the recommended contribution based on your annual combined income:

Annual income Hourly Wage
$300,000 $144
$250,000 $120
$200,000 $96
$150,000 $72
$125,000 $60
$100,000 $48
$75,000 $36
$50,000 $24
$25,000 $12
$15,000 $7

For instance, if your combined annual income is $75,000, you should aim to contribute at least $36 every week.

Contributing electronically

We encourage our generous parishioners to utilize eGiving as it alleviates our internal processing and contributes to a more predictable budget process. The parish uses FaithDirect for electronic donations. You can schedule automatic monthly donations and manage your payment methods and donation calendar with a minimum monthly donation of $75. To leave this site and go to the FaithDirect website, click on and securely enroll online with our parish code: NJ670.

Contributing by envelopes

If you prefer to contribute by donation envelopes, please contact the Parish offices and we will send you preprinted envelopes. Please make sure you always write the amount of your donation on the envelope.


Please Note

Parishioners who contribute anonymously are incapable of receiving tax receipts for the IRS, certifications to serve as Godparents, and do not qualify under the “support” requirements in fulfillment of other parish policies.

Financial Information

The parish publishes the amount of previous week’s collections in our monthly Parish Handbook. We also publish detailed annual reports. If you would like to discuss the financial situation of the parish in more details, please contact the Finance Council through the Parish Secretary.

The Finance Council

The Finance Council is a consultative body that meets monthly to review financial matters pertaining to the parish and advise the Pastor. Once a year the Finance Council also reviews the parish budget.

Typically, members of the Finance Council are invited to serve based on their professional skills and involvement in the parish. In addition to the Pastor, the composition of the Finance Council is as follows:

  • Dee Bilka, Patricia
  • Kappock, Brian (Chair)
  • Keating, Elizabeth
  • Lauricella, Larry
  • Pizzuta, Francis

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